Monday, July 7, 2008

Silas Botwin Sings

Hunter Parrish who is most noted for his portrayal of Nancy Botwin's older son on the hit Showtime series Weeds, one of my all-time favorite television shows, will make his Broadway debut as Melchior Gabor in the laugh-a-minute musical comedy riot Spring Awakening this August. As pleased as I am to see a younger actor with such a rising profile so willing to work on stage, I'm sorry to say it wouldn't be enough to make me ever go see the show again.

However you can't deny the kid's got enthusiasm. From Playbill:

In a statement actor Parrish said, "I have always hoped that my passion for the theatre would eventually lead me to Broadway. Spring Awakening is a truly one-of-a-kind show with its timeless story, commanding music and innovative imagery. I am elated to have the opportunity to become a part of it."

I'm quite fortunate - this is the first year I've had Showtime, so I can now actually catch the series as it's airing. Still one of the more innovative series out there - Mary Louise Parker continues to amaze me, as does most of the cast and writers, frankly. Not to mention it's made me a fan of Malvina Reynolds.


Esther said...

Ok, I have to admit, I loved Spring Awakening. I'm looking forward to seeing it on tour next year. I've never seen Weeds, but after reading about Mr. Parrish, and uh, seeing his picture, I'm very suddenly very intrigued about this series. Does that make me hopelessly shallow?

Mr. Butch said...

What's to admit. Spring Awakening is genius.

Theatre Aficionado at Large said...

Haha, Esther, it's a highly offbeat and quirky satire on American suburbia. It's also got stellar acting Mary Louise Parker and especially Elizabeth Perkins. It's worth checking out.