Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Well kids, I leave tonight for the Philippines. There will be time spent relaxing, enjoying warmer weather but there will be no vacationing from the blog. The last time I flew out of the country was about four years ago, when I didn't travel with a cell phone, wasn't hooked to Facebook, MySpace and only got to check my email at brief intervals. How far our technology has come in so little time that I will be in constant wifi hotspots wherever I go.

I've been a little absent the last week as I've had a lot to do in order to get ready to go. First stop, the Incheon International Airport outside of Seoul, Korea, where I will endure a 15 hour layover. Then it's off to Clark Airport (formerly Air Base while the US military was around) in Angeles in Luzon, the large island in the Philippine archipelago (you know, I have always liked that word). An overnight and a five hour bus ride and I'll hit my final destination some time mid Wednesday (late Tuesday/early Wednesday for those of you here). Hope you all enjoy great theatre while I'm away and look forward to keeping up with the news while I'm abroad.


Esther said...

Wow, sounds like a pretty grueling journey. But it'll be worth it when you get to your destination! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your new nephew!

Chris Caggiano said...

Give Lea Salonga my love.

Roxie said...

Have a lovely time! Kiss le bebe for me! Come back soon!