Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Oh sing it, Angie, do sing it"

Angela Lansbury was one of the last guests on the short-lived variety show The Julie Andrews Hour in 1973. Here she and Julie discuss songs from their Broadway experiences alongside Steve Lawrence. Julie sings "Say a Pray for Me Tonight," cut from My Fair Lady prior to the New York opening (and subsequently heard in Gigi). Then the host turns the floor over to Angela, who talks about Dear World and her favorite song to sing from that score, "I Don't Want to Know." Then she sings it, all while relaxing in an easy chair with her legs crossed. There's something so awesome about that. Nelson Riddle's arrangement pales in comparison to Phil Lang's original, but Angela is absolutely radiant. Enjoy.


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Of course, I'm old enough to remember watching this in prime time. Our family loved the show.

Donald said...

not to sound like a 1 trick pony, but wouldn't this make a great partner song with "How Could I Know" from PRETTYBELLE? The next (i.e. first) time a woman "of a certain age" calls asking me to plan her set at Birdland, I'll suggest it. That and my whole "parade songs" medley.

SarahB said...

Donald, I'd be first in line for this show of the woman of a certain age singing from PRETTYBELLE and DEARWORLD. Do it!