Monday, September 28, 2009

Once Nearly Was Mine...

Oh dear readers, how I wanted this for my collection of memorabilia. An original window card of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (not a reprint) that I stumbled upon by accident on E-bay a couple of days ago. The show closed in 1976 after a 7 performance run at the Mark Hellinger Theatre, and is a piece that has been well-documented on this site. (My obsession with it is a very well known item of interest). I put in the entry bid at $49.99 and set a small buffer in case I was outbid. Well, I was this evening. And now, the going rate for this piece of musical theatre history is now $500.00, a sum much more than my piggy bank can afford. So we'll hold out until next time...if there is a next time. I'm not Don Pardo and you've not been "Spanning the World."

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