Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jerry the Nipper

somehow this always happens
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One of the simple joys in my life is making today's birthday girl crack up at inappropriate times during the taking of photographs, whether we're classing up Feinstein's (see right) or on a historical day trip (see below). If you're not blessed to have a witty Harriet Walter-worshiping, Cary Grant loving, bibliophile crowned "Queen Hot Dog" in your life then you don't know the fun you're missing. Equal parts no-nonsense librarian and madcap heiress, you never know where the laughs are going to come from, but believe me there is never a shortage when you're on the town with this crazy kat.

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karigee said...

Aw, that's the sweetest thing! (Except of course I prefer "krazy kat.")

Thanks KD; I mean Jerry.