Saturday, March 29, 2008

The most electrifying moment in American theatre this season...

All due respect to Patti & co, as well as everyone else currently chewing up the scenery this season, but this picture captures the greatest moment in American theatre today. I'm not explaining the context. If you haven't seen it yet, go and you will know why it comes out on top.

The Weinstein's and Jean Doumanian are rumored to be teaming up for a film version of August. They'll cast name actors as Violet and Barbara, what else is new? As long Violet isn't played by Meryl. I think Kathy Bates would do the role justice. But perhaps Laura Linney as Barb? Or perhaps Felicity Huffman? There are probably a great many character actors to fill the male supporting roles. Deanna Dunagan is to this play as Laurette Taylor is to The Glass Menagerie.

I know a film would give the piece an accessibility that would transcend the normal theatregoing audience. However, my preference would be to see the current production taped for telecast.

Casting ideas anyone? Particularly for Vi?


Miles said...

There is no one else that could ever play Violet. I'm convinced. I wouldn't even want to think about it-- Dunagan is legendary, and has put a stamp on this role that no other actress could touch EXCEPT maybe MAYBE Fiona Shaw. And she's not even mainstream.

Ugh, fuck you, Hollywood.

Chris Caggiano said...

I was thinking along the same lines as you recently: I would much rather they taped the play for TV broadcast. A huge part of the joy of this play is the splendid cast.

Just recently came across your blog. I'll be back.



Anonymous said...

Betty White, hands down...not even kidding.