Sunday, August 30, 2009

iPod Shuffle Answers

How well did you do? Some were ridiculously tough, I know. Others not so bad...

1. “Chicago’s eleven below and the forecast is snow” – "Sun on My Face," Sugar
2. “You know that our parting breaks my heart” – "All the Love I Have," The Beautiful Game
3. “I once loved a girl out in Flatbush” – "The Trouble with Women," One Touch of Venus
4. “A man is a fool to lose his temper” – "Staying Young," Take Me Along
5. “The strongest thing in the world is not made of steel” – "That Ring on the Finger," Destry Rides Again
6. “Now I see you in the window of a carriage then a train” – "Where in the World?", The Secret Garden
7. “Somehow the ceiling seems a little higher” – "When Mabel Comes in the Room," Mack & Mabel
8. “In all the famous love affairs the lovers have to struggle” – "How Can Love Survive?", The Sound of Music
9. “In the Tiber there sits a boat gently dipping its bow” – "Pretty Little Picture," A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
10. “I slipped out this afternoon and bought some love insurance” – "Paris Original," How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
11. “It’s crazy. Ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense” – "It’s a Perfect Relationship," Bells Are Ringing
12. “Every man has a job to do” – "Doing Good," It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman
13. “How can people be so heartless? How can people be so cruel” – "Easy to Be Hard," Hair
14. “The wonders of the world are said to stop at seven” – "Only in New York," Thoroughly Modern Millie
15. “My daughter is marrying an idiot” – "The Father of the Bride," I Do! I Do!
16. “Nobody home come spring. Nobody home come fall” – "What Do I Do Now?", The Grass Harp
17. “Girls have come and gone, Papa” – "With Anne on My Arm," La Cage Aux Folles
18. “I should never have gone to the theatre” – "It Would Have Been Wonderful," A Little Night Music
19. ‘Please let me say from the start I don’t pretend to be smart” – "The Best Thing for You," Call Me Madam
20. “When the clock goes off and I rub my eyes” – "Talking to You," High Spirits
21. “We’re the perfect loving family so adoring” – "Just Another Day," Next to Normal
22. “Who writes the words and music for all the girlie shows” – "Dames," 42nd Street
23. “I love my wife and I love her more than the way I used to love her before” – "Lud’s Wedding," 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/A White House Cantata
24. “Why did she die in the spring? Roses bloom and robins sing” – "Cry for Us All," Cry for Us All
25. “If music is no longer lovely, if laughter is no longer lilting” – "I Don’t Want to Know," Dear World
26. “When you feel you’ve gone to hell in a hand basket” – "Where You Are," Kiss of the Spider Woman
27. “Last night I met a man beneath a pale and haunted moon” – "What Was a Woman to Do?", Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
28. “There once lived a wonderful woman…” – "My Husband’s First Wife," Sweet Adeline
29. “What is the curse that makes the universe so all bewilderin’?” – "Necessity," Finian’s Rainbow
30. “When she mentioned how her aunt bit off the spoon…” – "On the Street Where You Live," My Fair Lady
31. “I’ve wined and dined on Mulligan stew and never wished for turkey” – "The Lady is a Tramp," Babes in Arms
32. “March went out like a lion, a-whippin’ up the water in the bay” – "June Is Bustin’ Out All Over," Carousel
33. “His going in the Army is the best thing he could do” – "An English Teacher," Bye Bye Birdie
34. “Plenty of times I been in plenty of jams” – "I Get Myself Out," Grind
35. “Ella, look at me. This way, Ella. Ella concentrate hard.” "When?", Evening Primrose
36. “I trust he really is what I think he is” – "A Proper Man," Lock Up Your Daughters
37. “These are very popular in Italy” – "The Beauty Is," The Light in the Piazza
38. “At the villa of the Baron di Signac” – "Liaisons," A Little Night Music
39. “Oh, what a bevy of beauties. Oh, what a school of fish!” – "They Couldn’t Compare to You," Out of this World
40. “The sea and sky are blue here. The air is warm and sweet” – "Po, Po, Po," Illya Darling

Bonus: “Look at all the immortal works of art” – "The Touch of Magic," She Loves Me (cut)

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