Monday, October 12, 2009

Anecdote of the Day

'The most hilarious Julie Andrews story was recounted by both Chris [Durang] and Michael [Rupert]. She has a house in Switzerland and that's where the creative team of Putting It Together went to talk to her about being a part of the show. She agreed to do it and the next morning took one of her exercise walks around the mountains that bordered her house. Julie hadn't been on a New York stage in 35 years and she thought that she'd better start getting her voice in shape. She was vocalizing and singing different songs from her past and decided to test her soprano by singing something from The Sound of Music. She began the song while nearing the peak of a mountain and right when she got to "The Hills are alive…with the sound of music" she was coming down the other side of the mountain. Well, that moment coincided with an entirely filled tour bus coming down the road! Julie was horrified that a bunch of tourists saw her literally coming over the Swiss Alps while singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music." Julie said their faces had the subtext of "How sad. She still thinks she's still in The Sound of Music. Poor Julie Andrews."'

- Seth Rudetsky, recalling his recent interview with Michael Rupert & Christopher Durang in this week's Onstage & Backstage column


karigee said...

Apropos of not much, I love that "Putting It Together" album. (Or do you want me to say "recording"? You're such a purist about these things...) Her delivery on "Rich and Happy" is perfectly bitter; there are few better things than a bitchy Julie Andrews.

Kevin Daly said...

Same here: she gets to really let loose with the dry, brittle moments (she would have made one hell of a Phyllis), and you can tell how much she reveled in the opportunity to say "Ahh fuck it" in the "Little Priest" turned game number.

Album or recording? Makes no difference to me. It's the Broadway soundtrack thing that brings the proverbial nails to the chalkboard.