Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where in the World Was Stephen Joshua Sondheim?

The man of the hour was notably absent during the telecast in which he received a lifetime achievement Tony. Instead, Mandy Patinkin showed up in Steve's beard and proceeded to frighten all the kiddies (and read a very classy and gracious letter that cited all of his book writers through the years).

Well, according to Michael Riedel,

"Sondheim wasn't at the Tonys because he was traipsing through Europe.

I hear he found out about the award only when it was announced in the press. Nobody from the Tonys bothered to tell him beforehand, so he didn't change his travel plans. "


Esther said...

I don't know, at the Oscars, the lifetime achievement winner always shows up. Who really wants Mandy Patinkin to read a statement from Stephen Sondheim? They should have put it on the preshow and moved something like best choreography to the main show. Give someone a chance to pick up their Tony on national tv.

B said...

So a lifetime achievement award for a LIFETIME of work is not as important as someone else getting on national TV? I think we need to put this in perspective. Many award shows have someone receive an award on behalf of a recipient who cannot be there. Perhaps if they had bothered to tell Sondheim far enough in advance he might have been there. Why blame Sondheim for something that was just a dumb mistake on the part of the TONY committee?