Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Art of the Broadway Musical

I found the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue window card on this website which is an attempt by Gilbert Sanchez to maintain an online site containing the poster art for Broadway musicals of the 20th century. It's fun to go through and have a look at each decade (it starts with 1943, the year of Oklahoma! and dawn of the Golden Age) to see how the hits and flops were promoted in style, some varying from the more familiar logos seen on their original cast album. (In particular, take a look at the alternate poster for The Sound of Music with a rather drab background of white and green and a picture of Mary Martin skipping between Rodgers and Hammerstein in her novitiate costume). The site is a work in progress and the author admits such. He's on the lookout for images for other posters and let's us know what's missing from his archive.

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