Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kiley vs. Lansbury

Peter Filichia was taken to task by some of his readers over the claim that Keith Carradine was the only person to have won a Best Song Oscar and to have been nominated as Best Actor in a Musical. They reminded him that Barbra Streisand is a Tony-nominated, Oscar-winning (for the song "Evergreen") star. However, as he correctly points out that he said "Best Actor in a Musical" but not Best Actress. One reader pulled the PC card on him saying that it's not actress, but "female actor." The article then goes onto speculate which winner of the respective Tony races would take home the award if they were pitted against each other. At the end of the article, he lists what he considers the toughest call: Angela Lansbury as Mame or Richard Kiley as the Man of La Mancha. Be sure to check it out, and drop him a line with your opinion!

I'll withhold my vote until he posts the results, but I'm sure you can guess...

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