Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[title of show] celebrates [tony eligibility]

Do you think George Furth ever dressed up like a giant Tony...?

The [tos] kids start their own viral Tony campaign (with special guest star Allison Janney!):

Also, check out the Jeffigibility chart. Jeff has deconstructed the Tony award eligibility for every possible nominee for every single show that has opened this season.


SarahB said...

We are SOOO having a Tony Award Pinata at the Big Tony Party this year!!!!

Vance said...

The secret accountant in me almost creamed in my pants at the Jeffibility chart! Oh, I so hope Tony voters remember the tossers.

Kevin Daly said...

Tony Pinata! Who's going to dress up as one...?

Just made sure to take that day off my availability tonight. As well as the Tuesday after...

Are we Blithing this year?

Vance: Oh so do I!

SarahB said...

We are definitely Blithing. Let's get on that, stat.

Kevin Daly said...

I like the verb we've created.

Blithing - the act of attending extraordinary theatre showcasing the greatest divas.