Monday, November 2, 2009

How to Make Rahadlakum...

Several weeks ago I posted Eartha Kitt's entrance to end all entrances in Timbuktu!, and have been led to this video of Kitt performing the second act number "Rahadlakum." Stopping midsong, Kitt delivers the most tantalizing monologue about how to make the concoction. Kitt, to the accompaniment of the percussion section mesmerizes the entire audience with her recipe turning every ingredient and instruction into a double entendre. The song in Kismet was also a suggestive showstopper, only it was a duet assisted by the chorus. In Timbuktu, the song becomes a solo for Kitt, cutting most of the actual song but extending the performance by several minutes with her new monologue and stopping the show in the process.

I did a little searching around about "radhadlakum." It is apparently a bastardization of the Turkish term "rahat loukoum," whose literal translation is "rest for the throat" but is more commonly known as Turkish delight. After this you may never be able to look at your spice rack the same way again... Enjoy:

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