Friday, November 20, 2009

Well, the soundtrack album cover gets a two.

While the purist in me has some obvious quibbles with the chopping away at the score, I am still intrigued and very much looking forward to the film adaptation of Maury Yeston's Nine. The movie musical, directed by Rob Marshall, is slated for release on Christmas Day. The soundtrack will be coming out a couple weeks earlier on December 15. From video clips and stills, the film - for whatever it's worth - is bound to have some striking visuals, so I have to express my disappointment at the album cover, which I assume will also be representative of the film's poster art. The image looks cheap, like something you would expect on the "You sing" karaoke edition of the score. It doesn't live up to the expectations of class and beauty that are stock in trade with Nine on both stage and screen.

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Dorian said...

It is kind of déclassé, isn't it? I can't say I like it much either.

And I still weep for the loss of two of my three favourite songs ("Be On Your Own" and "Simple"). At least "My Husband Makes Movies" is still in. And I'm looking forward to Dench doing "Folies Bergere".

I am excited for the movie. Regardless of the trepidation I feel.