Sunday, February 24, 2008


Figured it was time to introduce you folks to my current pride and joy (till I actually father a child; depending on my luck could be sooner rather than later. No not that kind of luck. Bad luck. Whatever. Moving on. I digress...), Atticus. I was just organizing old photographs and he's just so damned cute that I figured why not? Now, what you gotta understand is that I wasn't particularly a cat person. I enjoyed them, but they were too temperamental for my taste. Anyway, my housemate in college brought one home and we had a little tabby running around the house. About a month later, he had to take him to the vet and I was enlisted to come along to help him, since he had yet to acquire a cat carrier. With about an hour or so to kill, I realized that they had two kittens up for adoption; brother and sister. I asked if I could see them, figured at least it would be a time killer. The vet tech told me they had already had a taker for the grey female but the orange male was still around. I said okay or whatever. Anyway, the minute they walked through the room with him, I said "I'll take him." Yep, just like that. I highly recommend if you're looking for a pet that you rescue. The animals are incredibly grateful for the care; and let me tell you, orange male cats are the best. Not only is he a beautiful cat, he's ridiculously devoted to me, likes to play fetch and occasionally thinks I'm also a cat. Atticus (yeah, To Kill a Mockingbird) is going to be three on April 5 and if nothing is as energetic and playful as ever. Okay, not theatre or film related, but I wanted to share.

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