Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Were They Thinking...?

Oh kids. This is too awful and hilarious (awfully hilarious...hilariously awful...?) not to share.

"He Got It in the Ear"

Rockabye Hamlet is the notorious flop rock opera adaptation of, yeah, you guessed it. (The setting: a Rock concert). A rare Canadian musical import, the show was originally commissioned for radio under the title Kronberg 1582. With direction from Gower Champion, of all people, it played 7 performances at the Minskoff in 1976 and featured Beverly d'Angelo in her sole Broadway appearance to date as Ophelia. Larry Marshall was Hamlet (fortunately for him, he followed this immediately with the role of Sportin' Life in the acclaimed '76 revival of Porgy and Bess) and none other than Meat Loaf played a supporting part as a Priest. This number is how they chose to adapt the famed play within a play. Honeybelle is played by Judy Gibson.

I dare you to listen to the whole thing.

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