Thursday, May 22, 2008

"At these prices, I'm an ecdysiast!"

Just a shout-out to the students from my alma mater, SUNY New Paltz who are presenting an encore presentation of their semester-ending "Alpha Psi Ecdysia: Touched for the Very First Time," in which the theatre students of New Paltz took a workshop in burlesque performance and had their own evening of entertainment. They'll be at the Rififi Club in the Village in a couple of weeks. My only complaint: they didn't offer anything this cool when I was in college.

From their release:

Saucy coeds, funky themes, uncomfortable parents, and academic tomfoolery with a side of nudity! One of only two burlesque troupes on an American college campus, SUNY New Paltz's Alpha Psi Ecdysia offers comedy, live music, circus, and the sexiest girls (and boys) to ever pursue a useless degree. See New York State taxpayer dollars put to good use as "America's Hottest Small State School" takes its title literally. Tip 'em well! College ain't cheap.

Alpha Psi Ecdysia remounts (ooh!) its debut show at burlesque favorite Rififi in Manhattan's East Village. Similar (but not identical) to the recent Toscani's show. Support the guys and dolls of APE in their New York debut!

Hosted by Lucida Sans and Anton Jackov, the Rififi show features performances by...
Coco Corset
Izebel Vivant
Lady Legs
Equa Fellashio
Spartacus Rising
Gigi Ozon
Gemma Stone
Ophelia Dipthong
Virago Sadine
live music by Anton Jackov and The Threesomestersand more!
$10 tickets
by subway: L - 1st ave
N R Q W 4 5 6 - union squareF V - lower east side 2nd ave

For what it's worth, Ophelia Dipthong may be the greatest stripper (or for that matter stage) name I've ever seen.

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