Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvey Korman (1927-2008)

For fans of television, he'll always be fondly remembered for the hilarious contributions he made on The Carol Burnett Show. For film fans, there was his tenure as a Mel Brooks favorite, most notably as Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles.

Korman was a comic legend who left our world today at the age of 81. He had been suffering for several months as a result of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. His wide-ranging comic ability helped get him started on TV in bit parts, eventually landing on The Danny Kaye Show. He also was the voice of the Great Gazoo on The Flintstones (I never knew that!)

It was working with Carol Burnett that he would achieve his most lasting legacy. Her variety show ran from 1967-1978 and was among the most popular TV shows of the decade. Korman's work as a comic foil was immense, most notably opposite the hilarious Tim Conway, who had the unstoppable ability to crack up the cast (but most especially Korman) in their scene work.

Here's one of them:

And some bloopers:


SarahB said...

It's a given to love him on the Carol Burnett Show and Blazing Saddles, but he was also in two short-lived Broaday plays in the 1950s, was in the 1962 movie of Gypsy and my favorite appearance was the Danny Kaye Show from the 1960s. Brilliant comedian.

SarahB said...

Oh and this is what is the best thing about the tv museum - Paley Center for Media - you can watch such brilliance that's not available on tv re-runs or dvd.

Esther said...

I guess I probably knew Harvey Korman best from "Blazing Saddles." I used to want it to be made into a musical, but after seeing "Young Frankenstein," I think Mel should stop now.