Friday, December 19, 2008

Wouldn't Hugh Be Loverly?

Okay, so that probably goes down as the worst blog title I've yet to post. Sue me. But anyway, there was a brief piece in Variety about Oscar-winner Emma Thompson in Variety talking about her current and upcoming projects. First up, she's got a movie out called Last Chance Harvey in which she stars opposite Dustin Hoffman (earning a Golden Globe nomination in the process). But for those theatre fans out there, she is currently starting work on the screenplay for a remake of My Fair Lady for which they've apparently already signed Keira Knightley (blurgh) to play Eliza Doolittle. However, Thompson's first choice to play Henry Higgins is none other than her old Cambridge classmate Hugh Laurie, who turned in a delightfully understatedly droll supporting turn as Mr. Palmer in Thompson's exceptional adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. His casting would at least makes this (unnecessary) remake interesting. Seriously, though folks, there should be a full-scale revival of the musical with Kelli O'Hara before any film is brought to theatres. Just my $.02. Your thoughts folks?

The article also states that Thompson is poised to film a sequel to her successful Nanny McPhee, a witty adaptation of Christiana Brand's Nurse Matilda books (again written by Thompson - is there anything this woman cannot do?) If you haven't seen this film, get thee to a video store. It draws immediate comparisons to Mary Poppins, but provides an enjoyably fresh take on British children's literature. Plus, it's got fantastic supporting turns from Colin Firth, Celia Imrie, Imelda Staunton and Miss Angela Lansbury as Aunt Adelaide, sporting a false nose and finding herself thrust into the middle of chaos during a nuptual food fight gone horribly wrong.

And though Sarah is poised to respectfully disagree with me here, I would really love to see her play Desiree Armfeldt in a revival of A Little Night Music (with Lansbury as Madame Armfeldt, perhaps?)

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SarahB said...

Change "respectfully" to "vehemently" disagree! I do like Emma, I just don't think she's glamorous enough to be Desiree!!!! But I would still go see it. Because it's A Little Night Music. And it's Sondheim. And amen to your $.02 for a revival of My Fair Lady. Keira K? Blurgh indeed. Miss Kelli O'Hara was so perfect as Eliza in the NYPhil concert 2 seasons ago - and the cast including Kelsey Grammar and Charles Kimbrough was perfect. I would have loved Kelli a million times more in MFL instead of South Pacific. Also, amen to Nanny McPhee. I saw it at a sold out late showing on a Saturday night at the 42nd multiplex - there were no children in the theatre and all of us adults were howling at the hilarity of Emma, Angela, et al. What a sweet, funny film it is. I would adore a sequel. Just a day later I met Angela for the first time.